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Action Service Line    24-Hour Account Information

 Call Toll-free to get account balances, deposits, withdrawals or checks paid 24 hours a day. Access all your First Farmers and Commercial Bank checking and savings accounts and transfer funds between accounts with a single phone call. Sign up to receive your personal identification number (PIN) to access this valuable option



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 Your VISA CHECKCard is good at any participating VISA merchant. Funds come directly from your checking account. Money services are now available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week with a VISA CHECKCard or ATM card.   Just use your personal identification code (PIN) and card at an ATM to:

  1.      Make cash withdrawals from your checking account
2.      Obtain your checking account balance

 There is no charge to use any of our three ATM's.  You can also use your VISA CHECKCard or ATM Card at ATMs around the world with the CIRRUS logo.



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Safe Deposit Boxes

 Need a place to keep those important papers, old coins, and family heirlooms?  We have several different size Safe Deposit Boxes to accommodate your important storage needs.   Our Safe Deposit Boxes are available for a small annual fee.  We can even charge your yearly rental fee from your First Farmers and Commercial
Bank Savings or Checking account.  Please contact us for pricing.


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Direct Deposit Social Security

 Let us arrange to have your Social Security funds deposited directly into your account.   Avoid the risk of theft or loss and save that extra trip to the bank


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Direct Payroll Deposit

 We can set up your state payroll, armed services or employer payroll funds to be deposited straight into your account.  In addition we can also prepare direct deposit from annuities, retirement accounts, pensions, etc.  Contact us today so we can help save you valuable time and aggravation.


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Automatic Loan Payment Plan

 You can have your loan payments automatically deducted from your First Farmers and Commercial
Bank account each month.  Eliminate the hassle of remembering due dates or dropping an important activity to rush to the bank to pay a loan.


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